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Lisbeth Tanz, Frank Nuber, RPh

 Lisbeth Tanz and Frank Nuber, RPh

About Frank Nuber, RPh

Frank Nuber, RPh has seen the difficulties of perimenopause in his 28 years as a compounding pharmacist. His interest in women’s health issues, especially those related to hormone imbalance began in the late 1980s. After listening to countless stories of women, many of whom felt they were at the end of their rope emotionally, physically and mentally as they moved through mid-life, Frank knew he couldn’t simply ignore their pleas for help. 

In the late 80s, compounding bioidentical hormone replacement was often overlooked and misunderstood. Frank sought out the expert physicians who championed this form of hormone therapy. He traveled extensively listening to lectures and attending seminars as well as reading published papers and books. Since stepping into hormone replacement compounding, he has counseled over 5,000 women and 2,000 men on hormone imbalance and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Frank still continues his quest for knowledge, hoping to improve one more life, provide one more family with a  renewed sense of joy and happiness and help one more woman in Surviving the Fog, Sweat and Tears of Perimenopause. Learn more about Frank at

About Lisbeth Tanz

Lisbeth Tanz has been a ghostwriter, content writer and copywriter for businesses around the world since 2005. Her foray into the world of perimenopause actually began in 2000, when she "just didn't feel right." Doctors were no help. As kind as they were, their tool of choice was a blood test, which always showed her in the low-normal range for hormones. In essence, she was told that nothing was wrong, and it was "all in her head." Left to her own devices (because she knew something was wrong), she read everything she could find on the subject in hopes of finding answers.

Fortuitous circumstances led to her introduction to Frank Nuber in 2006, when she took over the role of editor of the St. Louis and St. Charles County Women's Journals. Every issue gave her the opportunity to read Frank's submissions about perimenopause and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, which she was, by now, very familiar. Soon, the two began collaborating on articles. These became the springboard for the book, Surviving the Fog, Sweat and Tears of Perimenopause. Learn more about Lisbeth at her website, The Hired Pen.